Primary Hyperhidrosis is a disorder of unknown cause. It can affect the hands, feet, soles, armpits, face and head, it affects both men and women equally, and can be extremely socially debilitating, interfering with work activities and negatively affecting the patients quality of life.

Multiple small doses of injection therapy is an effective and safe treatment. A survey at the Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden found that injection therapy had good effect, with 90% of patients surveyed reporting that the therapy worked well for their condition.

Many patients do complain however of pain during the injections. A medical device used for delivery of drugs, via the skin by jet nebulization can however be used to deliver anaesthetic prior to injection therapy being provided. This device is very well tolerated, and has been shown to produce a greater numbing effect than topical numbing cream, giving better results in terms of procedure related pain.

At DrySpell, we now have this device, and have been using it effectively for both hand and feet sweating, with improved results in terms of procedure related pain and patient satisfaction able to be achieved.

Note: Information on this site is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Also as per TGA guidelines we are not permitted to name the drug referred to as “injection therapy”.


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