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DrySpell clinic was established with the goal to raise awareness for hyperhidrosis, provide treatment to sufferers and allow them to sweat confidently. Excessive sweating is a condition that affects many Australians everyday, and reducing the toll on sufferers is the primary focus of our clinic. Our dedicated team of sweat specialists, which includes General Practitioners, Neurologists, Nurses and Support Staff provide patients with ongoing support and education, as well as personalised treatment plans, tailored to their needs as a sufferer of hyperhidrosis. Our team also assists with access to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Medicare approved treatments if applicable. Dr Nicole Limberg is a Neurologist and the Director of DrySpell clinic in Spring Hill, Brisbane. After graduating from the University of Queensland in 1997, Dr Limberg went on to complete her medical residency and subsequent fellowship with the Australian College of Physicians specializing in Neurology, with full membership of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists (ANZAN). More recently she has also been made a member of the Australian and New Zealand Headache Society (ANZHS). After her specialist training was completed she then commenced consultant practice at the RBWH, and soon after established a busy private practice in Spring Hill, Brisbane. The clinic is the largest dedicated headache and migraine clinic in QLD, and specializes in the treatment of migraines, including the provision of injection therapies. Dr Nicole Limberg has also undertaken further subspecialty training in the provision of injection training for sweat disorders. She is dedicated to improved patient education of the condition and contributes to a blog at www.dryspell.com.au

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