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Treatment varies depending on the severity and location of the hyperhidrosis. Our doctor will assess you during your consultation and work out an individual treatment plan to stop sweating in its tracks.

In regards to axillary hyperhidrosis, you may be suitable for injection therapy and be able to have treatment on the same day. Further, the procedure and medication may even be covered by Medicare and the PBS (see below).

Axillary Hyperhidrosis (Underarm Sweating)

In December 2011 the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) approved the use of an injection therapy (due to TGA requirements, we cannot name this medication) for the treatment of severe axillary hyperhidrosis (under arm sweating).

What does this mean?

This means that the cost of the medication is fully covered provided you have met the following criteria:

  • Patient is 12 years or over
  • Failed or are intolerant to antiperspirants containing aluminium chloride hexahydrate after 1-2months of treatment.

In addition to having the full cost of medication covered by the PBS, the consultation and excessive sweating treatment costs also attract a Medicare rebate should the above criteria be met.

Axillary Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Brisbane, Australia

Our trained specialist injects a series of superficial, low volume injections. The entire procedure takes no more than 30 minutes and most patients find the treatment procedure to be only mildly uncomfortable at worst.

Side effects are rare and minimal when we attempt to stop sweating with this treatment option at our sweat clinic in Brisbane. The most common side effects observed in the treatment of severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis are: pain at injection site, mild bruising and swelling. Much less common possible effects relate to increased sweating in areas other than the underarms (4%), as well as temporary arm weakness (0.7%), and flu-like symptoms.

Axillary Hyperhidrosis (Underarm Sweating)

In December 2011 the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) approved the use of an injection therapy (due to TGA requirements we cannot name this medication) for the treatment of severe axillary hyperhidrosis (under arm sweating).

What the advantages of this?
  • Quick to administer
  • Can be performed without anaesthesia
  • Gives highly effective results without scarring
  • Sweating reduced in 3 to 7 days
  • Therapeutic effects lasting usually 4-8 months
  • Associated with high patient satisfaction and low morbidity.
Treatment for other areas of sweat

If you suffer excessive sweating in another region – such as sweaty hands or sweaty palms – after a thorough assessment, it will be decided if you are suitable for injection therapy to the affected sweaty site(s).



Does Injection Therapy Treatment Suit Both General And Focal Hyperhidrosis?

Injection therapy is most commonly used for focal hyperhidrosis. It may be used for general hyperhidrosis however you should first consult your medical practitioner as injection therapy may not be required if the underlying medication condition is able to be treated.

What Can I Expect During My Consultation?

Our doctor will conduct an assessment and formulate a management plan, depending on your suitability, this may include the provision of injection therapy at the time of the initial consultation, or on a subsequent visit.

How Does Injection Therapy For Focal Hyperhidrosis Work?

The injection therapy blocks chemical changes in nerve endings. Normally the brain sends messages to the sweat glands, via nerves, to make them produce sweat. These messages are transmitted from the nerve to the sweat gland via a chemical messenger called acetylcholine.(1) The injection therapy temporarily blocks the nerve’s ability to release acetylcholine therefore the gland does not receive the messages to produce sweat.

What Does Injection Treatment For Focal Hyperhidrosis Involve?

Please refer to our information above.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Please refer to our information above.

What Should I Expect After My Injection Treatment?

Please refer to our information above.

What Are The Advantages Of This Treatment?

Please refer to our information above.

Is It A Cure For My Sweating?

No, injection therapy will not cure your sweating. Results however show that treatment with the injections can significantly reduce sweating within one week of administration. The duration of effect varies from person to person however studies have shown treatment to be effective usually up to 4-8 months. After this period you may require retreatment.

Can Any Doctor Provide Injection Therapy For Axillary Hyperhidrosis?

Only a neurologist, dermatologist or paediatrician who has undergone extra training, and is accredited in the provision of injection therapy for severe focal axillary hyperhidrosis, is able to administer the therapy AND access both Medicare and PBS benefits.

Can I Get A Rebate Through Medicare?

Yes, in fact at DrySpell, a Medicare rebate is available for both the consultation and in the case of severe axillary hyperhidrosis the injection procedure as well.

If I Am Suitable For Injection Therapy, Do I Have To Pay For The Medication?

It depends on the area of focal hyperhidrosis that is being treated.

In the case of severe axillary hyperhidrosis the PBS completely reimburses the cost of the medication if appropriate criteria have been met. Unfortunately at this point in time the other areas of sweating are not covered and the medication must be privately funded.

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